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The Mary Stecker Fund & Award

The Mary Stecker Fund is set up to assist relatively new practitioners of intra-operative neurophysiologic monitoring to attend the Annual Meeting of the ASNM. The amount of the award is typically $250 and is given to the recipient at the ASNM Annual Meeting Business Meeting. The money comes from the interest on the account. It is hoped that at least some of the interest each year goes back to the fund principle to allow for future inflation related increases in the award size. Typically, the fund will grant one award. However, additional contributions can be made each year that will allow for other awards.  Past award winners include Capetto (2007), Mergos (2008), Jankovic (2009), Avshaumor (2009).

Click Here to access the application. 


Richard Brown Award

The Richard Brown Award is given annually in honor of Richard Brown to a recipient who demonstrates life-long dedication and contributions to the field of neuromonitoring and the American Society of Neurophysiological Monitoring.

To learn more about any award or to make a nomination, please contact our Awards Committee Chair.  To make a donation to a fund, we welcome you to visit our online store.


Fellow & Emeritus Members

To nominate yourself or a current member for fellowship or emeritus membership status, please click here.